What to do with food waste?

food waste composting


Dear friends,

One the projects we’ve taken on this year is finding a solution to food waste occurring in the production process of service preparation in restaurants. It is estimated that in developed countries 220 pounds of food per person, per year is wasted at the production stage.

Unfortunately, as much as you try to use every part of every single item there is always something that gets wasted. Especially if you do not have a defined use for such an item or a plan. We have found out that when we can train staff members of the kitchen to be aware of this concept not only do they respond enthusiastically to the idea they also respond creatively in what they can come up with, whether it be a soup, a sauce, an entree or even a pastry.

To contribute to compost for local farmers is a great solution and one that we will take on soon with uneaten portions from the plates of guests but we wanted to be able to help those in need first, those without the ability to to purchase a proper meal by creating prepared food items and distributing them to Homeless Shelters, Battered Women Shelters and Drug Treatment Centers.

From a small number of local restaurant contributions we have already been able to distribute 60 pounds of prepared, easy to cook food back into the community, to people in need, people that matter.

For many large organizations that prefer to donate out of pocket rather than time this will be a tricky program to convince them to be a part of for a variety of reasons and that’s fine. For many small, local based restaurant groups and independent restaurants it is a good opportunity to come together and build a stronger community through acts of support and love.

This is a project we are very passionate about and will not only continue to create meals for those in need through food waste distribution programs but will begin work on food loss and compost solutions as well.

Warm regards,

Soil Collective


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